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Barticles: Which Is Worse? self evaluation essayВ enter site cialis erie viagra park city watch thesis margin size source here help me write a paper cialis newcomb inventor of viagra house go to site spain essay buy college paper online american foreign service national high school essay contest amount 2500 paid homework help sites get link citing in a research paper mla format how do i block an email address on my iphone viagra plus stay hard viagra mayer viagra cortland click essay writing on my friend Bart Hinkle over at the RTD asks the question: So, which is worse: Referring to Obamacare as “a job killer,” or suggesting that those opposed to it, for whatever reason, are “willing to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands … Continue reading

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20 Years Ago Today

The Persian Gulf War begins. …and 20 years later, we’re still fighting the same war.

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Do whaaaaaa???

I have no idea what an internet sweepstakes cafe is, but I do know that I desperately would like to see some latitude for poker rooms run in the same way as bingo halls.

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Is it St. Patrick’s Day already?

Because this is just too weird: The fluorescent green colouring appeared to start about 500 metres on the Victoria side of the entrance to the park and, over the course of an hour, the substance flowed down into the environmentally … Continue reading

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Library Bars

Yes, Virginia.  Such awesomeness exists: That’s right – drinking establishments that have lined their walls, and shelves, with everything from hardbound classics and modern novellas to law encyclopedias and philosophical tomes. Actually, alcohol and the written word have a close … Continue reading

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The New Republic: A Rising America = Drug Legalization?

Jonathan McWhorter is one of my more favorite contemporary social historians. So I can’t help but be just a tad bit disappointed with this argument: Notice, though, that Darnell is a perfectly rational, normal human being. Just as I am … Continue reading

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Forgotten Witness to the Gulag

One wonders just how many Solzhenitsyn-type diarists there really are out there, and how many accounts such as Yuli Margolin’s account have gone unnoticed: Born in Pinsk, Margolin earned a doctorate in philosophy at the University of Berlin in 1929, … Continue reading

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If you have any love for books, and even a faint bit of respect for the Republican Party… prepare to lose your respect: Now I would have to admit — I would probably stop for a moment and flip through … Continue reading


Lucius Annaeus Seneca

“I don’t trust liberals, I trust conservatives.” That’s pretty darned hardcore, Seneca. Did he really say this?  I dunno, but as I’m sure my left-of-center friends will be quick to point out, Seneca did advise Nero…

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Schilling: Save the Trees, Kill the Babies?

Charlottesville talk show host Rob Schilling raises a worthwhile question about priorities: Since the city presently employs an official arborist, Tim Hughes — who is paid more than $72,000 per year by Charlottesville taxpayers — it is unclear why the … Continue reading

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