Romney Finally Hits A Home Run…

This is probably the first ad I’ve seen from the Romney campaign that clicks on all cylinders…

Amazingly enough, the MSM still refuses to cover the story. Meanwhile, social media carries the story… and it has only picked up steam all week long.

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5 Responses to Romney Finally Hits A Home Run…

  1. This ad’s effectiveness depends on editing out part of President Obama’s remarks. Obama clearly didn’t mean that someone else actually built businesses – he said that someone else build the system and infrastructure that set the conditions for the success of entrepreneurs.

    Obama is of course right about this. To be sure, the hard work and individual innovation and risk-taking of the people in this ad certainly played an hand in making their firm successful. But Daddy taking out a loan on his house to finance equipment didn’t create the legal, education, market and physical infrastructure system necessary for the function of market capitalism. That took collective social action over two centuries of American progress, and you know as well as I that this is what Obama said.

    If Mr. Romney can put together an effective ad that doesn’t depend on mischaracterizing the President’s remarks, I’ll be far more impressed.

  2. Shaun Kenney says:

    …which is not what the president said at all. But if we believe hard enough, I guess we could cram it in.

  3. Caryn says:

    I’m sure that Daddy paid for his college education (probably with interest) or there wouldn’t be any college’s. He paid interest on his bank loan. That’s how bank’s stay in business. He paid taxes for his trucks to haul his products. Those taxes pay for the roads so all of us can drive safely.
    Entrepreneurs built this country and they hired lot’s of people along the way. Not the other way around.

  4. Citizen Tom says:

    I usually spend some time listening to Mark Levin. Even he has been admiring Romney’s speeches.

    Frankly, Romney is too much to the flip-flop artist to be believed, but so long as the choice is between Obama and Romney, we really do not have a choice. 🙁

    What Obama and the Democrats have done is criminal. They have ignored the Constitution and tried to drag us kicking and screaming the rest of the way to their Socialist Utopia. Since Socialism is a system of government based upon stealing, all Obama did in his little speech is reveal his belief there is nothing wrong with a system of government based upon theft. Thus, he gave Romney a gift, and Romney would have to be an idiot not to run with it.

    However, gifts of the sort Obama gives Romney come at a cost. To contrast himself with Obama, Romney has to say the right things; he has to sound like he believes in a constitutional republic. If Romney’s talk does not match the way he governs, if he wins he will have a miserable time as president.

  5. julian says:

    well, regardless of your take on “you didn’t build that,” metal fabrication is badass.

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