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Anne Applebaum and Sovietization bullying thesis filipino dissertation help literature review cheap citalopram no ex 10 mg motilium remedio best buy viagra uk phd writing services case-control study definition get link sildenafil tuberculosis source url model essay english spm dialogue cbest essay experience college cialis and sleeping pills kamagra dropship enter essay on home sweet home comprar viagra espaa sin receta go software engineering thesis title find a case study para q sirve este medicamento sildenafil essay on importance of library in school follow Now isn’t this a telling observation: Sovietization was never simply about political institutions or social structures. Young communist cadres absorbed from their teachers the thinking of a new civilization, where anything not under the party’s control was suspicious, probably hostile. … Continue reading

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Your Two Minutes of Civilization

I could listen to this for hours… UPDATE:  Congratulations!  You have just earned an extra 3:46 of civilization!

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Biden Defeats Biden

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Sabato Spins on Obama, Concedes Virginia as In Play

Well it’s semi-official. Virginia is now in play according to the staunchest of Democratic analytic methods as the polls tighten over the Romney debate performance and a higher degree of scrutiny over national polling data. From Sabato’s Crystal Ball: Notice … Continue reading

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Reason: Half of the Facts You Know Are Probably Wrong

Huh. Since scientific knowledge is still growing by a factor of ten every 50 years, it should not be surprising that lots of facts people learned in school and universities have been overturned and are now out of date. But … Continue reading

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UK Guardian: Why Handwriting Matters

I will be the first to proudly admit this.  I own a fountain pen, and I am damn proud of it. …and I wish I had paid more attention to handwriting class at Montfort Academy: For each of us, the … Continue reading

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The American Conservative: Allan Bloom and the Neocons

Patrick Deneen writes about “the philosopher despot” Allan Bloom: While I continue to learn much from Bloom, over the years I have arrived at three main judgments about the book’s relevance, its prescience, and its failings. First, Bloom was right … Continue reading

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Standpoint: The Beautiful Game (HINT: It’s Not Soccer…)

…it’s chess: Naturally, beauty in chess is not the exclusive property of those who break with convention; but I have struggled to find any game of Duchamp which could be described as truly beautiful. This may partly be because he … Continue reading

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The Atlantic: The Art of Writing Good… Er, Well…

Great article from The Atlantic on the failure of modern education to teach students how to communicate: Hampden-Sydney College is one of four or, depending on how one counts, five liberal arts colleges for men in the country, and teaching … Continue reading


TNR: An Obituary for Ba’athism?

Great piece from The New Republic on the last dying gasps of Ba’athism in the wake of the Arab Spring: Baathism, then, the original idea from 1943, was an anti-colonial and pan-Arabist doctrine, not unwilling to ally with the Axis. … Continue reading

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