Whelp… I Whiffed On That One…

So what the heck happened?  Four things:

1.  Hurricane Sandy.  If the election were held the week before Election Day, Romney would have won.  Sandy gave Obama the needed breathing space to snap people out of the spin room and remind themselves that they may disagree with Obama… but the economy is so bad, and things so unstable, that it’s better the devil you know…

2.  Third Party Cash.  The Dems spent it on grassroots, the Republicans spent it on air attack.  ‘Nuff said.

3.  Define your opponent before they can define you.  Obama ran probably one of the nastiest, most negative campaigns in modern history.  Guess what?  Negative campaigning works.

4.  You can’t beat something with nothing.  Obama had Obamacare.  Romney had…. ?

…and that’s it.  Big Bird, Binders, and Bayonets (and Benghazi) may have been enough to seal the deal against Obama, but Romney didn’t have that exciting alternative that captured the imaginations of Americans.

This was the GOP’s Kerry ’04.

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  1. Dan says:

    Thinking like that will probably spell defeat for the GOP in 2016 as well. Here is a better perspective. http://www.cato-at-liberty.org/whats-next-for-the-gop/

  2. Hmmm…I would argue that the Hurricane Sandy effect on the election had less to do with pausing the campaign than it did with reminding Americans that drowning government in a bathtub might not be so wise. The Federal Government, after all, can come to the rescue in ways that the magic of free markets cannot.

    I certainly agree that the Democrats executed a much more effective ground game, though you suggest parity in third party cash here, and this framing ignores the volunteer nature of the liberal turnout machine – which the GOP helped generate, by the way, with extremist views on the role of markets, women, and minorities in society. Nothing creates an activist faster than telling people they have poor morals and it’s time for the State to let morality police put a stop to it.

    Not sure what’s nasty about pointing out that Mitt Romney is a wealthy man who made his bones by simply being born and piled up cash without regard to the effects of his brand of “capitalism” on real human beings. Reminding voters that Paul Ryan wants to reverse the New Deal seems nasty, at least in the sense that it makes him look silly and out of touch because people who don’t worship Grover Norquist and Ayn Rand don’t happen to think this is a good idea. But it’s fair play nonetheless in the context of an election campaign. To get real nasty you have to look to the right, where conservatives call young women sluts on national radio, and hold up protest signs saying things like “the zoo has an African lion, the White House has a lyin’ African” or “Obama: half breed muslin (sic).” You have to attend GOP events that feature an outhouse with the “Obama Presidential Library ” sign and elected party leaders refer to the President as a “Kenyan socialist.” Or your candidate cozies up to a truly nutty birther as a way to get into his wallet, or have your VP candidate say out loud that Obama would destroy Judeo Christian values, as if the President isn’t a real American, to make nice with reactionary religious leaders. Nasty or not, Obama’s characterization of Romney and the GOP had the virtue of factual accuracy.

    And finally, Mitt Romney made his positions very clear, so it’s not accurate to say Obama beat nothing with something, though I’m happy to see that you agree that Obamacare was an important policy reform that voters apparently appreciated. Mitt Romney clearly articulated the conservative position: end regulation of markets and businesses, reduce taxes on wealthy people and corporations, end government social programs, including retirement assistance, break the power of unions, especially teacher’s unions, shift public money from public education to religious schools, limit reproductive choice, allow religious groups to limit access to contraception, break up families by deporting immigrants, force social conformity, make voting as difficult as possible, and bomb, bomb. bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.

    Romney – Ryan lost because they clearly articulated what the GOP stands for, even if Romney had to reverse virtually every policy position he has ever held to do so. The trouble for the GOP is that Americans – more and more – want a different kind of society and government. This is why only one Republican has won the popular vote since 1988, and that happened in wartime. Until you guys put down the Grover Norquist/Ayn Rand/neoconservative kool-aid you can expect similar results.

  3. oldgeezer says:

    So what the heck happened?

    Still trying to figure that one out.

    One thing that I am sure of is that more females voted for the Kenyan socialist then voted for Mittens. It is time for the GOP to buy some flowers and chocolates. Time to make peace.

    Need to look at more details. I seem to be finding some interesting data, which might discuss later. One little detail can lead you to the truth.

    For example (story time), a couple years ago put a story from the Telegraph on Bearing Drift. It was about a school in England that shut down a wind turbine because it was killing birds. The story went on and on about the horrible bird killing machine, what all was done to prevent the slaughter, how all the dead birds were effecting the school children. The head of the school even said how he would come in early to clean up all the dead birds so as to not upset the poor children. The school HAD to take down the wind turbine.

    The detail that no one else noticed???? The wind turbine was killing one bird every 3 to 4 weeks.

    The wind turbine was not shut down because of the birds, they did not want to say why they really shut it down. At the time I had some suspicions about what was really going on. However because of some vicious attacks from Brian, decided to just let it slide.

    Here is another story from the Telegraph.


    At the time I thought the wind turbine was effecting the health of the school children. However I can understand why they did not want to open that can of worms.

    Look at the details.

  4. “It is time for the GOP to buy some flowers and chocolates. ” – best quote I’ve seen yet.

  5. Eric says:

    And yet … Ron Paul was unelectable compared to Mittens.

  6. oldgeezer says:

    Contrary to what you may think, I like Mittens. Put his yard sign up last February, right next to my Ron Paul yard sign. But election is over.

    Less then 52% of the voters even bothered to vote. So would seem logical for Republicans to go after some of that 48%.

    Mittens lost the Catholic vote 50-48.. Someone else can consider the implications of that result…

    If Republicans can go 50/50 with women, Latinos and Asians; then Republicans can do the sweet dance of victory. But what will it take ????

    “Define your opponent before they can define you.”.. I think that was the most important factor. Republicans need to learn to sell themselves with a 10 second message or better yet a picture or image.

  7. To attract the support of women, Latinos and Asians the GOP will have to shift its policy preferences on reproductive rights, immigration, and science, oldgeezer. But the GOP has another problem: as the population generally becomes more educated voters won’t fall in line so easily on things like supply-side economics, climate change, and religious influences on secular law.

    The Republican Party has defined itself all too well, as I note in my earlier comment. It’s no coincidence that Romney had his best run after the first debate – when he moderated his positions. The GOP won’t win until it once again looks more like Eisenhower and less like DeMint.

  8. oldgeezer says:

    If Republicans wish to win, they will have to make some changes. May not be as hard as one might think. For example, I am pro-choice while my good Catholic Latina novia is anti-abortion.Never had any problems with her about this.
    However plenty of time to worry about those issues later. I really think that Republicans need to consider the “Obama Financial Crisis” at this point in time. The “Obama 2013 Tax Increases” will surly cause “The Great 2013 Obama Depression”..Remember that 75% of the electorate did NOT vote for Barry.

    I will spend the next month preparing for “The 2013 Obama Financial Disaster”.. Then will fly down to South America for New Years.. Latinos know how to party..

  9. oldgeezer says:

    “Almost two-thirds of the country’s million-pound earners disappeared from Britain after the introduction of the 50p top rate of tax, figures have disclosed”


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