Reflections From The Burg: Have You Had Your “Pearl Harbor Moment”? Yet?

We need to begin building an inheritance for our kids and grandkids! ?One they can be proud of. ?The inheritance I refer to is the blessings of Liberty and Freedom. ?These blessings were purchased at a great price. ?What are you willing to personally do to ensure we bequeath the same inheritance to our children that previous generations bequeathed to us? ?Or will you sit back and allow their inheritance to be used up in your lifetime?

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2 Responses to Reflections From The Burg: Have You Had Your “Pearl Harbor Moment”? Yet?

  1. oldgeezer says:

    Actually this friday, 12/21/2012, might be considered a “Pearl Harbor Moment”…
    It is the end of the thirteenth baktun. The whole of the thirteenth baktun – AD 1618-2012 – is characterized by the overlay of mechanical 12:60 time on the whole Earth, and with it, the suppression of the Indigenous peoples and the triumph of industrialization..
    The thirteenth baktun started in 1618. Did anything happen around that time in Virginia or the USA. Give you a hint, 1607 and 1620.
    Well the thirteenth baktun ends in 2 days. Friday is also the last day of the Mayan Great Cycle of 5,125 years. And another cycle that is 104,000 years.
    So for some people this friday will be a rather special day.

  2. oldgeezer says:

    This new baktun is interesting. I am trying to buy a house. Offered a cash contract for more then the list price. But have been told that my offer is a back-up contract. That the the bank decided to go for a 203K contract for less money with a verbal agreement. Will talk to my lawyer tomorrow.
    Have a feeling that someone will have a “Pearl Harbor Moment” this week.

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