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Aeon: French Thought In Crisis?

Ah yes, those stuffy French philosophers.  Chain smoking their way through the deepest of thought, holding in contempt all that their minds can conceive… So what the heck happened? The French way of thinking is a matter of substance, but … Continue reading

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BrainPickings: Peiper and Leisure

Admittedly, I have not read much of Josef Pieper, but his excellent tract Leisure As The Basis Of Culture has held a tremendous sway in my own personal experience ever since I read it… The opposite of acedia is not the … Continue reading

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Standing Firm Against Planned Parenthood

Those who know me know that few things will get my Irish temper up faster than the issue of defunding and de-coupling Planned Parenthood from the federal government: Voices within the Republican Party have argued that we should not shut … Continue reading

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Pope Francis And The Absurd

Albert Camus has always fascinated me as a philosopher, more so now that the conflict between Islam and the West has brought the Algerian conflict of the 1960s in such a vivid light with rediscoveries of films as The Battle of Algiers (1966) … Continue reading

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RedState: The Cargo Cult of Trump

This a great article defining the Trump phenomenon (movement is perhaps too strong a word) that is refreshing old wounds between the conservatives and the populists: At the risk of being called a giant elitist, I think about these cargo … Continue reading

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Scientific American: The World Really Could Go Nuclear

So if you really care about the environment, go nuclear? Based on numbers pulled by the research team from the experience of Sweden and France and scaled up to the globe, a best-case scenario for conversion to 100 percent nuclear … Continue reading

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