BrainPickings: Peiper and Leisure

Admittedly, I have not read much of Josef Pieper, but his excellent tract Leisure As The Basis Of Culture has held a tremendous sway in my own personal experience ever since I read it…

The opposite of acedia is not the industrious spirit of the daily effort to make a living, but rather the cheerful affirmation by man of his own existence, of the world as a whole, and of God — of Love, that is, from which arises that special freshness of action, which would never be confused by anyone [who has] any experience with the narrow activity of the “workaholic.”

Definitely worth the read, though I will readily admit that I have failed entirely to implement much of Pieper’s insights.  In today’s technology driven world, acedia is a vice that seems to attach itself to every virtue as so many barnacles on a ship — and as of yet, we have not really stumbled upon the cultural copper plating that rejects it.

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