Steel Magnificat: What Happened To The Pro-Life Movement?

I am not instantly familiar with Mary Pezzulo’s writing over at Steel Magnificat, but this seems to be making the rounds on social media.  To wit:

For the record: I’m pro-life, and I denounce the misogynistic and hypocritical loons. I denounce Priests for Life for their ludicrous fawning over whoever the Republicans have churned out for a presidential candidate, no matter how obviously they’re lying about abortion and no matter what other mortal sins they publicly support. Steel Magnificat is not going to endorse any presidential candidate, because no candidate who stands a chance at the White House this year is consistently pro-life. I’m not saying don’t vote, I’m saying don’t get played; don’t make your decision based on lip service to abortion and don’t claim that falling in line behind a Republican will magically change anything. I denounce the Quiverfull movement for its disrespect for women and advocating of child abuse. I denounce everyone, Republican and Democrat, who thinks that killing American children through abortion is evil but killing civilians through drone strikes is okay.

It continues.  The call is an angry one, as the author admits.  Such sentiment is of course on substance correct, and perhaps even admirable… if the call hadn’t been wrapped up in the very judgment Pezzulo sought to denounce over and over again.  Sadly, Pezzulo embraced the very form she sought to condemn.

That is a tragedy.

Of course, there is no end to the litany of problems the pro-life movement has.  Utterly parochial, in many instances self-serving, with incredibly high stakes and a great deal of personal investment in the cause resulting in bruised feelings that take many months if not years to heal if treated improperly.

Yes, the pro-life movement has its hucksters and moneymakers.  Yes, there are those who are pro-life right up until a child is born, then abandon those values in every other aspect.

…and yet?  You will find some of the most selfless and noble and decent human beings on the planet embedded in the movement.

…and yet?  A true commitment to the pro-life ethic will treat those who are not “whole life” with the same sort of care and respect for souls that we would treat anyone else: a scared mother, a preborn child, the wounded and the abused.

Rather than focus on the “what ifs” and bad actors, Catholics (and pro-lifers in general) are far better served focusing on the good actors and encouraging their work.  Better still, one should take $10/mo and donate it straight away to your favorite pro-life charity or pregnancy resource center.

More than anything else, if the pro-life generation is truly in the ascendancy, then that rising generation deserves our support even if it may be abused from time to time, not our denunciation (even if heartfelt).

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One Response to Steel Magnificat: What Happened To The Pro-Life Movement?

  1. Arlene Prine says:

    Dear Mam:

    In regards to yor criticism of Fr. Provone.
    Have you ever read the Pieta prayer book? With in its contents. Jesus makes a declaration about criticizing a priest. To do it publicly is deplorable. Trump may not be as good as you think he should be to handel such an office. He is more for life then Hillary beyond any means. What he has done in his past. It is truly between him and God. If he is repented then God forgives him and thus we should also be able to. In truth he is a hard core. His stance against the women he has made. Has been in regards, to very judgemental women who have targeted him. Should he turn the other cheek yes, that would be the saintly way. Not all do that. He is a businessman. I believe he is learning tact as he goes along the way. Should we vote for either. You could be right. To take the risk of another person selling our country to another. Thank you, but no thank you. If Hillery gets in our country is done, the church would deminished and God’s punishment will
    drop. Fr. Provone is not wrong, you just miss understand him. Which does not deserve the hate you portray to him

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