Open Thread: Convince Me

trump_yelling_600pxI would like to think myself to be a fair man.  Perhaps not always right — but at the very least, fair to others and willing to hear a decent argument.

So here’s your chance to convince a #NeverTrump guy as to why this pro-life, pro-2A, small government Catholic ought to vote for Donald Trump.

Instant DQ’s?

  • Arguments as to why the “other guy” is worse.
  • Slogans.
  • Platitudes.
  • The current political climate being horrible.
  • How bad Obama is.
  • How bad Bush is.

What am I looking for?  Specific, credible, concrete policy positions that Trump has held over the course of two decades or longer.  Something where Trump has bled in the trenches and stood firmly on despite criticism.  Convictions that demonstrate who this man really is and what he believes.

I will be honest, I do not believe Trump supporters really can make this case.  One suspects (hypothesis) that the argument really centers around how much one defines themselves as anti-establishment… in which case, electing the textbook definition of a crony capitalist seems rather apposite towards the overall goal here.

…but nevertheless, let’s see what folks offer.

I’m listening.  Convince me.

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One Response to Open Thread: Convince Me

  1. Andy says:

    I am not a Trump supporter. I am super liberal, but I see this as an interesting challenge and would like to try.

    Donald Trump has used every advantage that his family created through their hard work and pursuit of the American Dream. In this way, he is the atypical example of what we all want from the American Dream. We want our children to do as well or better than us. In this way, Trump is the ultimate success story. Through the many years of criticism of his obsession with money and beauty, he has not wavered. In this way, he has exemplified and furthered the goal of most Americans. His persistence has resulted in great success for himself and his family. Even if we don’t know what his actual worth is or whether he actually gives to charities; we know he puts out the image many Americans strive for.

    Well, that is the best I can do… Good luck, this is a very interesting endeavor.

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