Whose bad?

A conversation with my son.

Jon: Hi Daddy.

Daddy: Hey boy, what’s going on.

Jon: Daddy, baby bad!

Daddy: Jon, the baby isn’t bad. He just cries because that’s the only way he can talk.

J: Baby bad!

D: No no son, we love the baby.

J: *sigh*

D: –silence

J: *looking up* Then Mommy bad!

D: What? No no no, we love Mommy too! Mommy is good!

J: *sigh*

D: –silence

J: *looking up* Baby bad!

Clearly, we are having issues with the new arrival. But I do have to say that the conversation was kinda cool – it was the first real “heart to heart” conversation with Jonathan that I have had that involved words, complicated topics, and all of that fun stuff. Don’t worry about Mommy and baby though, as soon as Jon took his nap, he and Mommy were back playing again, and Matthew was happy as a clam (as always).

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