Houck’s Foes Are Surrounding Him With Pitchforks and Torches!

I don’t know if the Free Lance-Star thinks the Virginia 17th District Senate race is going to be such a blowout that incumbent Democrat Edd Houck needs the help, but this story (and it’s title) are absolutely disgusting, not to mention it belies a sense of desperation within the Houck campaign:

“These are the same kinds of voters that Edd Houck has appealed to and won elections in the old areas of his district,” Bieber said. “You look at the profile of these voters–yes, they’re Republican, but there are a lot of rural voters, particularly in Madison County. Edd relates very well to rural voters; he comes from a rural background.”

Both Houck and Stuber–a first-time political candidate–are concentrating especially hard on the new areas of the district.

“The strategy is clearly to become known in the new areas of the district. What we’re doing is working very hard with various networks that have been supportive of Edd in the old areas of his district–educators, farmers, the business community, other folks who he’s gotten to know through his service in the state Senate,” Bieber said. “A lot of those networks are very similar in these new parts of the district.”

(MWC Political Analyst) Farnsworth said the amount of new territory in the district does reduce Houck’s advantage as an incumbent. But, he said, Houck is the sort of centrist Democrat who will play better in a Republican-leaning district than more liberal Democrats would.

Now correct me if I am wrong, but we can review Houck’s past contenders and see why Houck won his races. Twelve years ago it was a fresh Russ Moulton who came close to victory in the 17th. Eight years ago was the GOP backlash in ’95 where Moulton barely lost again. Four years ago a Fluvanna County Democrat-turned-Republican lost in an underfunded campaign to unseat Houck.

This time we a candidate who can communicate effectively, fundraise on par if not better than the 20-year incumbent, and who is spending his money much more efficiently than Houck.

Yeah. . . Edd’s going to need all the help he can get. This shouldn’t give FLS reporters a free pass to write slanted articles, but regardless of the slant, Rob Stuber is going to run a smart and well-funded campaign against Edd Houck. It’s the complacent arrogance of the Houck camp that I love, because it’s going to get ’em in the end.

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