Israel Continues to Block Catholics From Entering Holy Land

Wow. It has gotten this bad, folks:

Israel continues to deny visas to religious wishing to enter the Holy Land, despite the commitments assumed with the Apostolic Nuncio, Father Giovanni Battistelli lamented.

“We are unable to obtain from the Israeli government entry and residence visas for Religious,” Father Battistelli, superior of the Fransiscan Custody said in an interview with SIR, the Italian Episcopal Conference news service.

“Despite the agreements signed between the Holy See and Israel, difficulties always arise,” he said.

The situation not only affects the Friars Minor (Franciscans) but also numerous religious of other congregations, the Franciscan said.

“With reference to the custody, there are 15 friars in Israel who are waiting to regularize their position; others are in Italy and Syria. We do not know what we can do so that they can return to Israel,” Father Battistelli added.

And to think that there are some who would defend the State of Israel on religious grounds. Not a big fan of the alternative to Israel (because I do believe that the PA is internally corrupt), but Zionism is no friend of Christianity.

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