Do You Come From the Land Down Under?

Well if you do, you probably know all about this:

“Security in the Asia-Pacific region will always depend on the willingness of nations to take responsibility for their neighborhood, as Australia is doing,” Bush told parliament.

Australia has recently sent a peacekeeping force to the Solomon Islands to restore law and order.

But his tagging of Australia as a regional “sheriff” and staunch defense of the Iraq war angered left-leaning Green politicians whose heckling twice stopped the president’s speech.

“We are not a sheriff,” shouted Greens leader Bob Brown who ignored an order to leave the house.

The heckling did not rattle Bush, who is on his first trip to Australia. The last U.S. president to visit Australia was Bill Clinton in 1996 — who was also heckled by Brown.

“I love free speech,” quipped Bush, to cheers from the house, having been warned he could face politicians’ protests.

“I love free speech.” What a great response!!!

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