J’s Notes makes Top Ten Blogs

Looks like my bro Jason made the top ten Blogs of the week. So how did he manage this feat of blogging?

To assess a site’s weekly ranking, we use Google to find those sites that were indexed during the week period. Google ranks sites based on it’s own assessment of a site’s importance. One of the major factors in assigning rank (SEP or Search Engine Placement) are the number of incoming links a blog has. Frequent updating also helps since Google will spider sites more frequently if the site has content that changes often. In limiting the search to the prior week, more new sites have a better chance of making our list.

Hmm. . . guess who has been linking to Jay like mad over the past week or so. ME. I could go into a Tenacious D-style rant, but I will refrain. . . congrats to J’s Notes!

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