AC360 on Confederate Heritage Month

I watched this last night and was surprised by two things: (1) how objectively fair Anderson Cooper was to this gentleman from the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and (2) how… well… how some folks will believe anything to whitewash the Confederacy.

Longtime readers of this blog know that I squarely oppose the idea of Lee-Jackson Day and truly abhor the display of the Confederate Flag for any other reason but the purely historical.

This gentleman from the SCV did not do his cause any favors.  Historical revisionism is a wild thing, and one is constantly reminded how people will deceive themselves to the point where one’s ability to even recognize truth is distorted so much, they can’t recognize it anymore.

Doesn’t mean supporters of Confederate Heritage Month are any less sincere.  Doesn’t even mean they are lying or covering up.  But it does mean that perceptions of reality, when sold as reality, are dangerous concepts indeed.

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