Acton: John Cornwell, Call Your Office!

Jennifer Morse over at Acton asks that all too important question:

In light of Iran’s Holocaust Denial conference, you’d think we would hear something from some of the authors who have made a name for themselves attacking the Catholic Church for not doing enough to prevent the Holocaust. Where is John Cornwell, author of Hitler’s Pope, a scurilous attack on Pius XII for not doing enough to save Jews?

While we wait to hear from John Cornwell or James Carroll (author of Constantine’s Sword) or Susan Zuccotti (author of Under His Very Window) to speak out, let the record show that the Catholic Church is speaking out against the denial of the Holocaust.

Could it be that the authors above were less concerned about the well-being of Jews and more concerned with making a dime off of attacking the Catholic Church?

It’s just a wild guess.

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