Boston Tea Party: 2009 Version


Sadly yes, this really happened.

An anti-tax group wanted to pitch in real tea like the Bostonian revolutionaries opposed to England’s tea taxes.

Tea, although natural and quite tasty, is considered a pollutant that can’t go into a body of water without a permit, said Mike Wade, a senior environmental specialist at the DNR’s Manchester field office. 

“Discoloration is considered a violation,” Wade said. 

Although not as steeped in history, the Cedar Rapids Tea Party will dump dechlorinated tap water or riverwater from buckets labeled “tea,” said Tim Pugh, the group’s founder.

“We don’t want to hurt the river,” said Pugh, 32, of Cedar Rapids. 

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bowing to a British customs agent on this premise?

No offense to my kindred spirits in Iowa — I’m quite certain they had the very best of intentions.  But seriously?

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