Cardinal Burke and Manly Men

I’ve tried to like Crux, the latest experiment over at The Boston Globe to be relevant to its readers.  It bills itself as something of a public square, indeed “covering all things Catholic” is the byline.

Of course, when it strays into smug commentary

Men “respond to vigor and precision and excellence,” says Burke.

“Manly discipline” is required to be an altar boy, says Burke.

“Men need to dress and act like men,” says Burke, who’s known for dressing himself in vestments of silk and … lace.

Oh my.

Altar girls have so overrun once manly man liturgies, says Burke, the manly men who would otherwise be priests are appalled and repelled.

I could go on here. But it’s now like shooting fish in a barrel.

Burke, clearly, has lost it.

I wouldn’t be so sure that it is Cardinal Burke who has “lost it” in this exchange, though I’m certain it would shock and surprise Ms. Eagan that there are indeed differing opinions that would treat the topic with a bit more of the intellectual rigor and reputation for newsworthiness The Boston Globe seems so willing to fritter away on efforts such as Crux.

…but far be it from me to make that critique.  Readers can vote with their mouse clicks.  In a 140 character world that seems to thrive on pithy wit than a complete thought to get attention, I’m sure the Crux will get along without more responsible and introspective readers just fine.

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