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Of Chaput, Lepanto, and The Call To Fidelity

The sons and daughters of the John Paul II Generation — who are about to brave a historic snowstorm to stand faithful for the sanctity of human life later this week — are not marching out of loyalty, or doctrine, or because they wish to stand contra mundum as Lepanto and CMTV are seen to do. Rather, the pro-life movement marches out of fidelity — to faith, to Church, to Christ. Continue reading

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Chaput: Hope as Despair, Overcome

For those following the Synod of the Family in Rome, this is a telling and illuminating speech from Philadephia’s Archibishop Charles Chaput: Paragraphs 7-10 of the Instrumentum did a good job of describing the condition of today’s families. But overall,the text … Continue reading

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Pope Francis And The Absurd

Albert Camus has always fascinated me as a philosopher, more so now that the conflict between Islam and the West has brought the Algerian conflict of the 1960s in such a vivid light with rediscoveries of films as The Battle of Algiers (1966) … Continue reading

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Around The World In 10 Minutes

Andrei Rublev — which if you haven’t seen the film, you ought to. One of the most things your humble writer faces from time to time is that there’s so much quality stuff out there: arts, culture, politics, and books. … Continue reading

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Charlie Hebdo and the Politics of Blasphemy

After all, the best defense against bad speech isn’t good speech. It’s free speech. Continue reading

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Cardinal Burke and Manly Men

I’ve tried to like Crux, the latest experiment over at The Boston Globe to be relevant to its readers.  It bills itself as something of a public square, indeed “covering all things Catholic” is the byline. Of course, when it … Continue reading

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An Ontology of Marriage

Over the past decade, the arguments against homosexuals’ desire to have their unions be sanctioned as marriage by the state have revolved principally around defining marriage based on Scriptural premises. And while some proponents of homosexuality have gone to extreme … Continue reading

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On Evangelii Gaudium

Pope Francis is not a pope for those used to the styles of Pope John Paul II or Pope Benedict XVI, nor will Francis be the pope many progressives were desperately hoping for in some sort of unfaithful adaptation of Pope John XXIII. Instead, Pope Francis is proving to be very much in keeping with his namesakes — St. Francis of Assisi and St. Francis Xavier. Continue reading

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Pope Benedict XVI Resigns

When Pope Benedict XVI was announced as the new pope, I was in a restaurant in Fredericksburg running for House of Delegates — and despite all the media’s protestations, I was elated that Ratzinger had been selected. I couldn’t talk … Continue reading

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Your Three Minutes of Civilization

Courtesy of the Jesuit Reductions of Paraguay… It’s really too bad more hasn’t been written about the Jesuit Reductions: The singular nature of the Reductions has roused the interest and admiration of numerous thinkers, philosophers, historians, economists, and explorers to … Continue reading

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