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Around The World In 10 Minutes

Andrei Rublev — which if you haven’t seen the film, you ought to. One of the most things your humble writer faces from time to time is that there’s so much quality stuff out there: arts, culture, politics, and books. … Continue reading

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ESF: Wheat DNA Offers Chestnut Blight Resistance?

Good news, so it would seem: The ORNL team, in collaboration with foundation researchers led by Drs. William Powell and Chuck Maynard of ESF, used gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to analyze chestnuts from transgenic American chestnut trees-trees that were transformed with … Continue reading

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Growing Kale

That does it — even though it’s awful late in the growing season and a frost is threatening… I’m going to try growing kale. …and then see if I like eating it. Of course, I’m now reading up as much … Continue reading

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The Man Who Planted Trees

This is a great video, but be sure to set aside your half hour on this one.  I promise… you won’t regret watching this: Pretty amazing what one person can do with some perspective and patience. Not easy for us … Continue reading

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Locavores As Narcissism?

Interesting book review from someone who believes the local food movement is really more about middle class arrogance than security: Through their purchases, these consumers are consciously seeking to affirm and demarcate themselves from the rest of society. Those who … Continue reading

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Distributist Review: Hard Times in Farm Country

Farmers in Oklahoma are struggling to meet the drought: The news from Oklahoma is that the drought is “officially” extreme, over half the state, and getting worse everywhere else. The fact that we don’t see giant dust clouds in the … Continue reading

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The Search For Perennial Wheat

UPDATE (04 Feburary 2012): I keep looking for more information every year on this topic, and while I do not have anything growing this year other than about an acre of winter wheat in a south field, this is a … Continue reading

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