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Steel Magnificat: What Happened To The Pro-Life Movement?

I am not instantly familiar with Mary Pezzulo’s writing over at Steel Magnificat, but this seems to be making the rounds on social media.  To wit: For the record: I’m pro-life, and I denounce the misogynistic and hypocritical loons. I … Continue reading

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Standing Firm Against Planned Parenthood

Those who know me know that few things will get my Irish temper up faster than the issue of defunding and de-coupling Planned Parenthood from the federal government: Voices within the Republican Party have argued that we should not shut … Continue reading

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On Evangelii Gaudium

Pope Francis is not a pope for those used to the styles of Pope John Paul II or Pope Benedict XVI, nor will Francis be the pope many progressives were desperately hoping for in some sort of unfaithful adaptation of Pope John XXIII. Instead, Pope Francis is proving to be very much in keeping with his namesakes — St. Francis of Assisi and St. Francis Xavier. Continue reading

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On The Passing of Nellie Gray

I did not know her very well, but her lifelong leadership of the pro-life community and Nellie’s commitment to personhood was certainly one of the more courageous episodes in the history of the pro-life movement, and all at a time … Continue reading

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NRO: The Mandate War

George Weigel nails it on National Review Online regarding the USCCB’s lawsuit against the Obama administration regarding the HHS Mandate: This is not an argument about birth control, nor is it part of some “War on Women” waged by misogynistic … Continue reading

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The Man Who Planted Trees

This is a great video, but be sure to set aside your half hour on this one.  I promise… you won’t regret watching this: Pretty amazing what one person can do with some perspective and patience. Not easy for us … Continue reading

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The Feast Day of St. Thomas More

“Most would understand the phrase that the mind of More was like a diamond that a tyrant threw away into a ditch, because he could not break it.” — G.K. Chesterton Today is the feast day of St. Thomas More, … Continue reading

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Statement of Fr. Thomas Euteneuer: ‘Setting the record straight’

LifeSiteNews has the following statement from Fr. Tom Euteneuer, former president of Human Life International and a good and holy man. While I would much prefer to allow this public act of contrition to stand alone, I regret having to … Continue reading

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Clark and Perriello share the same position on abortion?

Third party (and so-called Tea Party challenger) Jeff Clark’s position on abortion is slightly to the left of Tom Perriello: Clark, the independent candidate who said he has received flack from some Republican supporters over his decision to enter the … Continue reading

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CNA: Colombian authorities sign accord to grant absolute protection to human life

Now wouldn’t it be cool to have a group of American — or even Virginian — politicians and public figures sign something similar? During the 10th Meeting of Colombian Governors, 30 governors, Mayor Samuel Moreno of Bogota and other top … Continue reading

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