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Jefferson and Liberty

Worth two minutes of your time — Jefferson’s campaign song from the “Revolution of 1800” still sounds just as awesome today as it did then: The gloomy night before us lies, The reign of terror now is o’er; Its gags, … Continue reading

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“Death to the Machines!”

I was introduced to the movie Metropolis by a very close friend of mine, and I have to admit the 1927 Fritz Lang classic has become one of my favorite movies of all time. The script was written by Thea … Continue reading

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The New Yorker: Principle, pragmatism and the American Revolution

This is a fascinating article on the history of the Boston Tea Party, and whether the origins of the American Revolution in New England were based on the purity of principle or the concerns of the merchant class. Ironically, the Founding … Continue reading

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Hail, Columbia!

There is a certain scene in HBO’s John Adams that I have always appreciated. It was not until recently that I discovered that “Hail, Columbia!” — the song sung in this scene — was the un-official national anthem of the … Continue reading

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Boston Tea Party: 2009 Version

Sadly yes, this really happened. An anti-tax group wanted to pitch in real tea like the Bostonian revolutionaries opposed to England’s tea taxes. Tea, although natural and quite tasty, is considered a pollutant that can’t go into a body of … Continue reading

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