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Scientific American: The World Really Could Go Nuclear

So if you really care about the environment, go nuclear? Based on numbers pulled by the research team from the experience of Sweden and France and scaled up to the globe, a best-case scenario for conversion to 100 percent nuclear … Continue reading

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Around The World In 10 Minutes

Andrei Rublev — which if you haven’t seen the film, you ought to. One of the most things your humble writer faces from time to time is that there’s so much quality stuff out there: arts, culture, politics, and books. … Continue reading

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Luddites Rejoice! The Book Survives!

Or more accurately, why low tech is the new tech: It wasn’t meant to be this way. When ebooks took off in the mid-Noughties, many foresaw the death of the printed variety that has dominated the market for 600 years, … Continue reading

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ESF: Wheat DNA Offers Chestnut Blight Resistance?

Good news, so it would seem: The ORNL team, in collaboration with foundation researchers led by Drs. William Powell and Chuck Maynard of ESF, used gas chromatography-mass spectrometry to analyze chestnuts from transgenic American chestnut trees-trees that were transformed with … Continue reading

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Buying Fuel In Bulk?

Charlottesville’s NBC 29 sheds a little light on how localities aren’t feeling the pinch of gasoline prices the same way you and I are: Albemarle County Spokesperson Lee Catlin says, it’s paying $3.04 and Charlottesville City Spokesperson Ric Barrick says … Continue reading

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The Search For Perennial Wheat

UPDATE (04 Feburary 2012): I keep looking for more information every year on this topic, and while I do not have anything growing this year other than about an acre of winter wheat in a south field, this is a … Continue reading

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I want one of these. Especially if it does ePub books.

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The “Open Web” and the Importance of RSS Feeds

Dave Winer over at reminds us of the shortfalls of silos: If I put stuff in Twitter, the only way to get it out is through a heavily regulated and always-changing API. It will change a lot in the … Continue reading

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$18 a Day For Open Government Awesomeness

$18 a day is all it takes for Virginians to get the highlight reel of what’s going on with their state government. You can help by pitching in a mere $18 to Richmond Sunlight to help buy the DVDs so … Continue reading

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Sonic Boom Shock Wave

This is an Atlas V rocket on 11 February breaking through the sound barrier (fast forward to 1:40 if you’re a boring person): What you’re seeing is a sonic boom rippling the water vapor in the atmosphere.  The cool factor … Continue reading

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