Democrats vs. Susan Allen?

My wife in particular spent the better part of two years putting me through the wringer before marrying me. Most married gentlemen will agree: their wives know them best.

I had the pleasure of meeting Susan Allen’s parents some months ago, and they are tremendous people. They certainly did not instill in their daughter the values Democrats would ascribe to her husband. Anyone who has met Susan knows they are in the presence of a true lady, and can’t help but walk away with a level of respect for her intelligence, demeanor, and touch. Republicans and Democrats both respect Susan Allen, and that’s a good thing.

Here’s my point. Most of what the Democrats are alleging are things that happened long before Susan met George; things a lady would know about her future husband. hand writing on paper phd thesis questionnaire pdf dissertation topics in corporate law india follow url follow site einnahme cialis free enter go site follow site theory of problem solving long term el viagra reggaeton hindi essay on rabindranath tagore graphic organizers for writing five paragraph essay levitra es malo generic viagra real generic cialis pills celias invention viagra wiki go here cheap application letter ghostwriter websites usa see viagra pfizer ohne rezept kaufen watch source url english dissertation plan essay editing services + bangalore how to write a conclusion for english literature essay propiedades fisicoquimicas citrato sildenafil Is there a Democrat in Virginia vicious enough to argue Susan Allen would willingly marry a racist? Susan Allen is a wonderful human being — I’m certainly not that base or daring, first and foremost being I don’t believe for a moment it’s true.

Want some more perspective? Mark Levin over at National Review lays it on thick:

Let’s see how many Republicans are quick to distance themselves from George Allen based on this kind of reporting. The Left is counting on it. These things can easily spin out-of-control on the Republican side as Republicans are often fearful of being on the wrong side of a perceived breaking scandal. I’ve seen it over and over again. And watch as they claim the moral high ground when doing so.

In this case, the allegation against Allen is placed before the public eye by a liberal online ‘news’ website. It is then picked up by the Associated Press. Then it spreads to outlets like the New York Times — ‘two former acquaintances of Senator George Allen said … in the 1970’s and 1980’s ….’ And no matter how many other acquaintances say otherwise, a few weeks before an election none of that matters. Allen’s long public record, which includes reaching out to minority communities as a southern governor and senator, is soon forgotten. What matters are the allegations of two former acquaintances. They are to be believed above all others, and above all evidence of this public man’s actions, no matter what.

Susan Allen knows better than anyone else in Virginia the character of George Allen. I find it incredible to believe that such a lady as Susan Allen would marry the man Webb’s campaign describes.

If Susan Allen can turn to the people of the Commonwealth and say her husband is an honorable man, then I believe Susan.

Frankly, a handful of acquaintances and a disgruntled professor don’t make the cut. Allen’s political opponents have used this tack time and time again, and each time it has fallen flat on its merits. I don’t believe it, I refuse to believe it, and voters are smart enough to know a hatchet job when they see one.

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