Double-Duty Designers Cost Less

Heck yeah! From’s Desktop Publishing Blog:

Is it really cheaper to pay one person instead of two? If both the print designer and the Web designer charged the same rates there could still be an advantage to working with just one person because there would most certainly be overlap of time/brainstorming/design of common elements that would apply to both the print and Web projects, whether it be discussion of wix vs wordpress or other elements. If the client was hiring just the single designer who then contracted out part of the work, there would likely be a markup that’s passed along to the client.

However, if you’re doing the work of two people you should be getting paid accordingly, right? If, in your area, the rates for Web design are generally more (or less) than for print work you’re possibly shortchanging yourself if you don’t adjust your rates to reflect those differences. The client may still be getting a bargain by hiring a double-duty designer. On the flip side, if each portion of the project required a great deal of specialized expertise is the client the one being shortchanged by working with a “jack-of-all-trades” designer?

Of course, this is written from the perspective of a consultant or self-employed designer… but I have always been a huge fan of multitasking for projects such as these. After all, why specialize when you know your work could very well be used in another medium — or even better be part of a comprehensive campaign?

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