FIRST THINGS: Mother Teresa Remembered

Fr. Benedict Groschel remembers Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta:

Our readers may find it interesting to know that I personally observed this joyfulness the day before Mother returned to Calcutta. I was asked by her sisters to offer Mass for her. She was so weak that she could not stand, but attended Mass lying on a cot. My confrere Fr. Andrew Apostoli and I were utterly astonished after Mass when she was “bubbly.” She laughed and told us with great joy the number of sisters and convents they had throughout the world. Mother never spoke about this before, and she was not doing so in any boastful way. Rather, she was rejoicing “with triumphant exultation” at the great blessings God had been able to grant through the Missionaries of Charity. Many memorable events took place during the thirty years I knew Mother Teresa, but this by far was the most remarkable.

I always found it fascinating that Mother Teresa’s death was eclipsed by the death of Princess Diana in the press. A fitting shadow, given the way Mother Teresa quietly and with great humility lived her life.

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