How to Get the Most Out of Your Books

I read constantly, as my extensive library and Mrs. Kenney’s threats to buy Borders stock testify. As a young man, I perfected the art of “scanning” a book quickly just long enough to get the toplines… only to ignore some of the finer details. Reading in depth I have found to be a much more profitable exercise, but that comes at the cost of time. As a college student, time wasn’t exactly a luxury.

Because of my love for books I end up amassing quite the collection. Books are just a wonderful way to gather insight, enter new worlds and intellectually grow. I think this is probably some of the reasons why I read constantly. It keeps my college brain nimble and ready for all sorts of mental challenges that schoolwork gives me. This is why the more I think about it the more I need to create digital copies of them all via many book scanning sessions. Mainly because the more books I obtain the more likely I am to lose the books I need when I need them the most.

So when I see things entitled “How to Get the Most Out of Your Books” that incorporate the best of scanning with all the advantages of reading in depth (and hopefully retaining the information), I like that.

Only downside? Marking up your book… and I can’t stand doing that to a good book! When someone invents a highlighter that fades in six months to a year, I’m golden.

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