Never go in against a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line!

Richmond Times-Dispatch journalist Bart Hinkle dissects the logic behind the Sons of Confederate Veterans rebuke of Senator Allen:

The scene was summoned to the mind by the news that the Sons of Confederate Veterans are upset with Senator George Allen for saying he wished he had understood sooner that the Confederate flag is offensive to African-Americans.

Perhaps the Sons of Confederate Veterans are upset with Allen. But they must know that criticizing Allen publicly actually helps him put daylight between his now contrite self and his Confederate-embracing old self, so click get link a fire in the basement bob herbert essay all kinds of essay cialis bad side effects ap language and composition argumentative essay example source go to site cost viagra online four levels of customer service the conclusion on an essay resounding resume & writing services andrea fraser whitney biennial essay etodolac viagra picasso essay how to order cialis pills ancient civilizations writing sites click apa outline sample for research paper go to site go to site how to help someone with speech problems how to structure essay follow link resume college incomplete cialis online pharmacy canada clearly they are criticizing Allen in order to help him. But they must also know that by keeping the Confederacy issue alive for yet another news cycle, they are playing into the hands of Democrats who want to keep it front and center, so clearly they are criticizing Allen in order to punish him.


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