OMT: A sign of trouble

One cardinal rule of political campaigns? Handle volunteers and precinct workers with care. Here is one example of how the Kilgore campaign, it seems, has managed to enrage a supporter and poll worker. And the problem stems from this…an episode I found strange, too.

Not good. Not good at all.

It’s not the first instance I’ve heard, although we’re treated much better in the Fredericksburg area.

I can tell you the Kilgore campaign has asked committee chairmen to step up their game. I can also tell you that the folks I typically count on to get out the troops are a bit worn out and are still concerned about the conservative credentials of Jerry Kilgore.

Surprisingly, it’s the Miers nomination that has them the most worried. If Bush didn’t keep his promises to conservatives, why will Kilgore?

This is a red flag that might be too late to stop. Then again, every vote for Kilgore is a vote for Bolling and McDonnell…

It’s a mantra you have to repeat – unless the idea of Lt. Gov. Leslie Byrne and Attorney General Creigh Deeds gives you warm fuzzies. Gives me cold chills quite frankly.

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