OMT: *blink*

The Senate blinked, Norm has the scoop:

Having been outmaneuvered by the House yesterday, the Senate withdrew into a series of caucuses today to come up with a new, smaller tax hike proposal.

Well, they are moving…but still stuck on “hike.” I wonder if the Governor will start robo-calling Senators now, too?

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The Senate’s continued refusal to adopt a balanced and comprehensive approach to addressing Virginia’s transportation needs – realizing that we cannot pave nor tax our way out of congestion – is especially disappointing. The plan approved by the House increases funding for transportation, but it also reforms the way VDOT operates and incorporates important land use reforms to help localities better combat the growth and sprawl that cause congestion. The ultimate result of the Senate’s latest plan would increase VDOT’s authority, without requiring the agency to enact the reforms necessary to increase its efficiency and effectiveness. Their approach failed when it was enacted in 1986, and there is no reason to expect a different result today. The House continues to support the balanced, three-pronged approach to transportation it unveiled on February 10.

Since the conclusion of the Regular Session, we have empowered our conferees to continue to meet with their Senate counterparts to negotiate a budget agreement that could earn the support of both chambers.

Keep up the fire, fellas!

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