Once a Marine, Always a Marine

Looks as if whoever was peddling the “Cuccinelli isn’t a Marine” story just got rocked . From the Cuccinelli campaign:

Ken successfully completed OCS and was commissioned a Marine Corps Officer. He was deactivated to complete law school, and the Marines never reactivated him, as they had over-recruited lawyers and they refused his request to switch to the infantry. So, aside from OCS, Ken never served on active duty.

Earlier, Loudoun Insider on the Northern Virginia blog Too Conservative

(the blogmaster of which is Bob McDonnell’s New Media director Vince Harris) had made the following allegation:

I’ve heard various rumblings about this particular issue for some time. I’ve now heard it from a Dem source…

LI followed it up with this comment:

Shaun, I saw that listing all by myself. Someone else posted a comment about this a while ago. I’ve heard people wonder about this, along with Frederick’s supposed military experiecne as well. I’ve heard differing explanations from the Cuccinelli camp. Let them put out the real story.

Now now I’m not going to get into the who-shot-John about who Loudoun Insider is, or whether the opportunity to throw a wild punch at Cuccinelli isn’t terribly unexpected. Still, just “tossing it in the air” to see if it sticks isn’t the best of form.

Still, why is Too Conservative throwing this stuff at Cuccinelli, when it’s top blogger is consulting for McDonnell? Did Brownlee pull a desperately needed favor? More importantly, who encouraged Too Conservative to post about this stuff?

Nevertheless, I expect Loudoun Insider to issue an apology in 3… 2… 1…

UPDATE: The debate ensues below. Ironically, this is one I really don’t blame Camp Brownlee for… no professional campaign would throw a punch like this (I hope).

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