Once again, DailyKos steps over the line…

No class

And the teabagging, bipartisan response in front of an all GOP audience is over. Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell had a “black woman”, “asian guy”, and “military guy” behind him. The seating chart for this thing must have been six months in the making.

Of course, the ironic thing is Kos may have gotten it right:  the “black woman” is Lisa Hick-Thomas (Virginia Secretary of Administration), the “asian guy” is Jim Gheng (Virginia Secretary of Commerce and Trade), the “military guy” is Staff Sgt. Robert Tenpenny (served with McDonnell’s daughter in Iraq), and the other “white woman” is Janet Polarek (Virginia Secretary of the Commonwealth — and a long time aide to McDonnell).

The ironic thing is, this is a key part of McDonnell’s inner circle — trusted aides, friends, allies.  Liberal racism at its finest.

UPDATE:  Rest of the world is beating me to the punch.  Jim Hoeft over at Bearing Drift chimes in:

Way to insult a state’s cabinet…dumb a$e$.

That’s about right.

UPDATE x2:  National Review’s Rich Lowry lays a glove on Kos as well.  Meanwhile, Virginia Virtucon’s Jim Riley applies the 2×4 of reason, and invective, against the heads of the KosKids:

Unlike Gov. McDonnell who selected three of these four individuals to serve in his Cabinet solely due to their qualifications, this liberal blumpkin DailyKooks’ writer seems to have an unhealthy preoccupation with a person’s skin color.  Call it what you want, but I’ll call that racism, which is very well and alive — particularly on the left where such things are tolerated if they see a political benefit to it.

Could you imagine the outrage if a Republican commentator had mentioned something about the background of a crowd behind Obama?  Hillary?  They’d be rightly pilloried for it… but not so with Kos.  Disgusting, but not unexpected.

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