RTD: The State Budget Cutting Game!

Can’t eliminate departments, only lets you cut up to 20%, doesn’t allow you to cut taxes, and grossly oversimplifies the process? Thank the Richmond Times-Dispatch for the worst example of a budget cutting scenario I’ve ever seen!

Actually it’s not that bad. Feel free to goof around yourself. But don’t get your hopes up… some folks still think government is the solution, though if you look at this with an eye towards reducing spending it’s quick to see how you could create a $2 billion stimulus package for Virginia just by cutting taxes and reducing spending

UPDATE: Norm Leahy over at Tertium Quids had the same opinion of this as I did:

It asks what services you would cut or what taxes you might raise to dig the state out of its fiscal hole. The cuts only go as high as ten percent (there is no “eliminate” function) while the taxes section mentions none of the fees legislators love to tweak during good times and bad.

I managed to run a huge surplus without raise taxes. I wasn’t allowed to cut taxes, so the model wouldn’t let me refund the balance to the taxpayers. A pity, really, because that’s the only fair way to handle a surplus.


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