Standing Firm Against Planned Parenthood

Those who know me know that few things will get my Irish temper up faster than the issue of defunding and de-coupling Planned Parenthood from the federal government:

Voices within the Republican Party have argued that we should not shut down the federal government over federal tax funding for Planned Parenthood.  That the juice isn’t worth the squeeze, that we always lose such fights, and that we (on principle?) should never use a federal government shutdown as a tactic to achieve legislative goals.

If only the Democrats believed likewise…

Folks, here’s my beef: homework help earthquakes college essay advice essay on types of research women actresses in early cialis commercials viagra waller 1984 technology essay speech help for toddlers go to link viagra long term que me puede pasar si tomo viagra cialis with food or empty stomach argumentative essay topics for kids persuassive speech ideas essay on discipline and students apa style references dissertation go site go to link the best college essay dissertation limitations section company writing creative writing belonging band 6 reddit essay help engines to help you with your resume resunate cialis liver transplant if defunding Planned Parenthood — an organization that has killed 61 million babies and is currently serving as a cartel trafficking in baby body parts — isn’t the hill to die on, then what is?

Feel free to read it all over at Bearing Drift.

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