Thawing Out

You can’t keep a good blogger down… so if it’s not about politics (or if it’s just about culture and such), expect something short and brief here.

For political red meat where I get to be unleashed a bit and run around the yard, the Republican Party of Virginia website continues to be the forum — yesterday’s post there was on September 11th:

We could talk about a president embattled, about a president being attacked by the Democratic Party. We could discuss former generals criticizing America’s foreign policy.

We could smirk about a president with some of the lowest poll ratings in the history of the United States. We could argue over a president fending off a hostile press.

We could talk about a president fighting a war that rattles the very foundations of our Republic.

But we wouldn’t be talking about George Bush. We’d be talking about Abraham Lincoln.

The challenges Lincoln faced during the Civil War were very similar threats the nation faces today. Lincoln was not popular during the course of the Civil War, but the cause was just. Instead of slavery, America liberates from regimes of terror Ba’athist Iraq and Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

What is the result of the Iraq War? Syria has abandoned her WMD program. Libya has abandoned her WMD program. Iran faces sanctions and possibly worse. Hezbollah’s ability to project force is under increasing pressure. North Korea’s nuclear program is grinding to a halt. India and Pakistan face renewed pressure to acede to non-proliferation treaties.

And instead of planes, al-Qaeda sends videotapes… and that is the true result of Bush’s leadership.

Much thanks to Bart Hinkle over at the RTD for noticing… as well as others who have commented and welcomed my brief, non-political forays back into Virginia’s public square.

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