The Gangs of Pittsburgh

Before we get all teary-eyed about what’s going on with the police handling (which even on tape looks rather mild compared to the abuse they’re receiving) to the  anarchist demonstrations in Pittsburgh with cries of “does this look like America?” — let’s take a look at the footage first:

Oh, not what you expected?

The riots were the largest civil insurrection in American history apart from the Civil War itself. President Abraham Lincoln sent several regiments of militia and volunteer troops to control the city. Although not the majority, many of those arrested had Irish names, according to the lists compiled by Adrian Cook in his “Armies of the Streets.” The protestors were overwhelmingly working class men, resentful because they believed the draft unfairly affected them while sparing wealthier men who could pay to exclude themselves from its reach.

At least the New York Draft Riots were over something tangible.  The spoiled brats protesting the G20 looking for kicks, running away from tear gas and pepper spray?

C’mon… we’d be better off talking about the specter of cap-and-trade or protectionist policies, which if a trade war erupts over Obama’s foolish pandering to an industry that will benefit nothing from the tariff on cheap tires, will be much more damaging to the kids in the street than they imagine.

Facts are:  Yes, that looks like America alright.  It was American in 1863, it was American when they cleared out the Hoovervilles and the Bonus Army, and it’s American today.  Rose colored glasses may not just be for hippies, but let’s be realistic about a handful of spoiled brats.

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