The Ruby Chronicles: My warning to the VA-05 Tea Parties

Dana over at The Ruby Chronicles offers some cogent advice to those sympathetic to the tea party movement:

(L)et’s not forget that the tea parties started in revolt of BOTH parties and their excessive tax and spend policies, specifically TARP, which was put into action during a Republican administration. It was followed up by the first stimulus package, which was under a Democratic administration. The GOP are no friends of tea party patriots. Now that we have Democrats as a super majority, people are fawning over what they think the GOP can do for them. All I’m saying is BEWARE.

…beware not just the parties.  Beware the organizations, candidates, and everyone else looking to cash in on your enthusiasm.

The best inoculation against such infiltration?  Get involved politically — and that means finding your local GOP unit, making your voice heard, take it over and run principled conservatives.  You’re not sacrificing principles in doing so — you’re practicing them.

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