If you have any love for books, and even a faint bit of respect for the Republican Party… prepare to lose your respect:

Now I would have to admit — I would probably stop for a moment and flip through the rolodex of remarkable books that have impacted my life in one way or another.

Books that would not make that list?  The Reagan Diaries, To Kill a Mockingbird, War and Peace, and most certainly not Decision Points.  Frederic Bastiat’s The Law was probably the most intellectually probing book on that list… and even that was a bit of a mulligan.  How’s about a serious answer on a book that really formed your intellectual maturity?  Maybe a bit of a follow up on why and how that influenced you?

Buckley would not have been amused.  Then again, I’m not sure most folks in the audience cared.

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“(A)bout whom Josh Chernila wrote on December 29, 2006, “He (Kenney) can be counted upon to be on the wrong side of nearly every issue, and the more wrong he is the more violently cruel he becomes.”

I gotta admit — that’s a Chuchillian quote right there… a bit hyperbolic, but wow.

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