Why Braveheart Fails; Why Watling Street Works

So I read the criticism from Spank That Donkey. I’m sure the folks in Fredericksburg will be highly amused to see I am no longer a “grassroots conservative” but rather some cushy elitist moderate.

See Shaun, here is something you may be overlooking, while in your comfy ‘eldership’ at the ODBA… The Blogs, SWAC Girl, Elle, the Journal of the Common Man, and GGD have something in common….. They are all related to grass roots volunteer work on Republican Campaigns going back to 1990’s. This group, came together quickly recognizing, that Waldo was censoring just as the MSM and decided to take a stand…

Let me elaborate further, Grass Roots volunteers don’t do it for the $$ or the ego trip, they come together over PRINCIPLES… Such as smaller govt, lower taxes, etc. and they absolutely abhor the MSM, whom Waldo and his aggregator now came to represent.

My uncontrolled laughter actually interrupted my resume-folding for jobs with the Gang of Five in the Virginia State Senate. Another day, perhaps… people say silly things when they are hurt. All is forgiven.

What interested me was that the Braveheart analogy was introduced. Here’s the short story: the “old guard” types in the Old Dominion Blog Alliance are representative of the deceitful backstabbing nobles, the crowd supporting the lawyer-turned-high school student are the brave William Wallace and company. In short, my support for Waldo (or more accurately, my opposition to the silly personal attacks) is indicative of the Battle of Falkirk, where William Wallace rides into the British and the nobles run away in exchange for lands, titles, etc.

Wrong analogy. Poor analogy.

This is the Battle of Watling Street. Queen Boudiccia and 100,000 Britons had just defeated three (!) Roman legions, sacked Colchester, sacked London, and now faced the only remaining vestige of Roman power in lower Briton: the 14th Legion — a dishonored and displaced unit that was certainly no match for the British horde.

Some Britions advised a full-scale attack. Others advised caution. But with victory in grasp, Boudiccia sided with those blinded with victory.

The 14th Legion had other ideas. Facing the massed hordes of Britons united and flushed with victory, Seutonius chose his ground, organized his legionaires in the center in wedge formation. To the left and the right he organized his horsemen so that the horde would be channelled into the waiting phalanxes in the center. All that remained was for the Britons to make the mistake Seutonius knew they would make.

Boudiccia attacked. Britons upon Britons clashed with the 14th Legion. As the ones behind began to pressure the front guard, the Britons were so tightly packed they couldn’t raise their shields or swords. Unable to move due to the massive weight of the numbers behind them (and poor planning of their leaders), the Britons began to be slaughtered.

As the 14th Legion continued to slice from behind their shield when they did the unthinkable: they advanced.

Panicked, the Britons ran. They trampled over their own. Of the 100,000 Britions on the field that day, 80,000 were killed. Only 400 Romans died. In the end, the Britons did not escape the wrath of the Roman legions and were severely punished. Roman rule was re-established for 400 years, and the 14th Legion was given the title “Martia Vicrix” for their historic efforts that day and erasing their past shame.

Watling Street falls into the same categories of impossible victories as Sterling Bridge, Teutorborg Forest, Bastgone, and Agincourt. Despite superior numbers (and a just cause — Boudiccia was forced to witness her two daughters being raped by Roman soldiers, which started the rebellion), the Britons failed because they refused to fight intelligently, stressing unity over strategy and blinded by previous victories.

Moral of the story? Don’t send a pseudonymous 16-year old posting posing as a lawyer to do your dirty work. Play smart. Don’t overplay your hand. And certainly don’t expect people to stand by you if you’re not going to be honest about who you are.

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