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FLS: Tax yourself (with pride)!

essay my aim in life a teacher sanskrit essays canadian pharmacy no prescription viagra how to start a bibliography writing mfa programs see url canadian meds4less teacher for a day essay assignment conclusion examples watch get link viagra plus review click here good sat essay duke essay analysis go buy original research papers introduction of an essay about technology features of essay buy essays online safe india paper research writing help sample professional development dissertations is viagra available over the counter in london Spotsylvania is on the road to getting rid of those universally hated county stickers. You know the ones where you have to stand in line to pay your dues for whenever you get a new car, or when the 15th … Continue reading

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Difference Between Left and Right

A good friend of mine e-mailed this to me, and while I rarely if ever post e-mail forwards, this one was too good not to share. Don’t know why, but it was! One day a florist goes to a barber … Continue reading


Good Sense: Question of the Day

If you haven’t gotten in on the action quite yet, there is a great theme going on at Good Sense with his Question of the Day. Typically, it is a philosophical or political quote. The trick is to attribute the … Continue reading


Meetings + Meetings = Not Crazy Delicious

Having too many meetings? Feeling tired and exhausted after being pinged on? It’s not you, it’s the medically researched and verifiable fact that meetings are bad for you: They devised a pair of hypotheses, educatedly guessing that: 1. The more … Continue reading

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Goin’ to Pluto!

Almost… the launch was supposed to happen today, but was delayed due to high winds. The launch of the satellite has been delayed until Thursday at 1:16pm EST, where it will begin a nine-year journey to the last unexplored planet … Continue reading

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Web Users Judge Websites in a Blink

Everyone asks how they can drive users to a website. Any Web Developer will tell them good design is key. A good design will help show people that they are looking at a legit business. If the website is poor … Continue reading

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SkepticalObservor: Hypocrisies Among Our "Moderate" Friends

Or better titled: “May God Save Sean Connaughton From His Supporters.” Don’t just take my word for it, take James Young’s word. Too Conservative (the website, not the pseudonym) is slowly becoming an embarassment, which is rather unfortunate considering the … Continue reading


CNN: Chavez denounces Catholic cardinal

Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez is now threatening the Catholic Church: Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez accused a Roman Catholic cardinal Sunday of conspiring against him after the clergyman chastised the leftist leader for eroding democracy and abusing his power. The exchange … Continue reading

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Pope critical of China, Iran

It’s rare for a modern pope to directly call out another country with regard to it’s actions, so when Pope Benedict XVI does so in such vague fashion, it’s a gentle reminder to both the Communists and the Islamic regime … Continue reading

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Commonwealth Conservative: Go Steelers!

After a blown interception call by the refs, a touchdown plus conversion, then a fumble by none other than Jerome Bettis himself, it looked as if Indianapolis was going to pull off a miracle comeback. It didn’t happen, much to … Continue reading