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How to Become a Millionaire

Work hard, don’t spend, invest well. Best analogy I’ve ever read: An Indian lying on a mat in Calcutta has more wealth than the average American. While an American may live better, he lives on credit, and all things considered … Continue reading


Fred’s Message to Iowa Voters

Bit long for my tastes, but then again it’s not made for 18-30 year olds… it’s made for 55 and older crowds. In that respect, this is pretty effective. The production of the video alone Fred Thompson alone answers the … Continue reading

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If we win, we’re in. GO SKINS!

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So You Want To Play Violin (Again)….

Guess what I got for Christmas? I used to play violin when I was younger, though not extremely well. Still, being able to play a musical instrument is one of those things that every cultured individual should be able to … Continue reading


Netscape R.I.P. (1994-2008)

That’s right… it’s going away. In an email exchange yesterday with Tom Drapeau, Director of AOL/Netscape development, he said that only a handful of AOL engineers are still tasked with keeping the browser updated. Most of their efforts have been … Continue reading

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Prostituting 9/11, Rudy Style

Listening to Rudy Giuliani prostitute his “experience” in handling Islamic terrorism is like listening to someone who has witnessed a car wreck assert he is the chief medical surgeon at the local hospital, and saved every life in the accident … Continue reading


Bacon's Rebellion: Education for the 21st Century

Jim Bacon is back with his Economy 4.0 series, and this time he has some great innovations regarding a new approach to education in the 21st century .download kids free

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RWL: On the late Benazir Bhutto

Everything you wanted to know from Virginia’s best foreign affairs analyst.

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The Gospel According to Frank Capra

Probably the most fascinating article I’ve read all year: This is why Frank Capra, contrary to popular opinion, is one of the most challenging of all filmmakers and in some ways the most disturbing. Most “serious films”—the “hard-hitting” “uncompromising” films—ask … Continue reading

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Where the Government Spends Your Money

Here’s the 2007 statistics. Note the cost of entitlements (Unemployment and Welfare, Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Security): That’s 58% of the federal budget… not counting the billions spent on the U.S. Department of Education. Anyone else willing to make the … Continue reading