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The End of Small Farms?

Worth the three minutes of your time to watch. Best snip:   “For example, for a small farm under the NAIS, every animal must be registered withing 48 hours of birth using an expensive identification system.  Now let’s say that … Continue reading

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Grassroots vs. Crabgrass

So I cleared a patch of land out back behind my home. I sprinkled down a bunch of grass seed. The snow got to it, it rained, and before too long I have thousands of beautiful bright green and needle-thin … Continue reading


Market Skeptics: Dollar Devaluation Brings Illusion Of Prosperity

Now I’m no economist by far… and while I could be led to believe that propping up the value of property combined with aggressive inflation is the Obama Administration’s plan for recovery, this certainly confirms the effects: Do not be … Continue reading

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Choose Your Metaphors Wisely

I’ll fess up.  I aired this concern to Jim Bowden: A political buddy of mine let me know that my lynching and mobs in hoods metaphors for the hang-Jeff-Frederick-on-a-sour-apple-tree crowd offended him.   That’s important to me.  I hold this man in … Continue reading


BTB: Republicans Dumb Plan to Reinflate the Housing Bubble

Excellent article over at Doug Mataconis’ blog .  Money quote is here: I do not think a Swiss-cheese tax code that rigs the market to send investment dollars here rather than there thousands of times over is a tax code worth defending. If … Continue reading


‘You have run out of our money’

Yet another video that has been making the rounds… but this one is well worth your time to watch. If you’ve ever had the chance to watch Prime Minister’s Questions on C-SPAN, you will immediately grasp how well spoken and … Continue reading


The Twouble With Twitter

Yeah — this precisely sums up my opinion of Twitter in about four minutes: Quote: “Okay, it seems like Twittering is just randomly bragging about your unexceptional life.” Amen to that. drowning mona online

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The Trial of Jeffery “M” Frederick

Since it’s up everywhere else: You can view this 15 min cinematic masterpiece at the following venues: Rappahannock Red: What happens when jeffery “m” frederick gets in a room with the va gop grassroots april 4? Contemporary Conservative : BREAKING…New … Continue reading


NRO Corner: Herbert Obama?

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Liveblogging the AG Debate: Culpeper

7:00pm at Germanna Community College’s Daniel Technology Center, yours truly will be liveblogging and crossposting at Bearing Drift the Virginia Attorney General debate! 6:46pm:  With the helpful assistance of the GCC A/V guy (much thanks), I am now successfully online … Continue reading