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VJP: Cuccinelli budget amendment passes thanks to Colgan

Courtesy of Vivian Paige, we hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth about Democratic party discipline: OK, but if the D majority doesn’t act like one, what good does it do? Comments about irony and just desserts aside, Colgan took … Continue reading

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PWConservative: Hispanic Voters Now The Most Republican Voting Bloc in Virginia?

Possibly , though I would argue that we do a terrible job (disservice?) by not reaching out to the Hispanic community more constructively.

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Modernism vs. Forgiveness

This isn’t exactly the nicest way to get the point across, but it does show the juxtaposition between wishy-washy “find ways to deal with your guilt constructively” modernism and absolute truths; the contrast between accomodation and forgiveness.

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Double-Duty Designers Cost Less

Heck yeah! From’s Desktop Publishing Blog: Is it really cheaper to pay one person instead of two? If both the print designer and the Web designer charged the same rates there could still be an advantage to working with … Continue reading

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Political Pornography?

Courtesy of the Hillary Clinton campaign, that’s precisely what we have here. The photo is one of Obama in traditional Somali dress. The insinuation is the reader’s to decide. Oddly enough, one gets the feeling (as a Republican anyhow) that … Continue reading

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Nader In?

Looks like it’s true… though I really wonder whether this would make any sense if the Democratic nomination goes to Barack Obama. Perhaps it’s just me, but the politics of the two men seem rather similar.

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Does the Obama Bandwagon Stop Here?

As I’m watching (sort of) the Wisconsin and Washington primary results via Politico, I can’t help but look ahead at Ohio and Pennsylvania — both with double-digit leads for Hillary. Obama will more than likely carry Wisconsin tonight. But with … Continue reading

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Daily Progress: What Housing Bubble?

Brian McNeill over at the Charlottesville Daily Progress does a quick survey of the Charlottesville market, and all indicators seem to be pointing towards a slowdown, but not a bust: Over the previous two years, the number of new residential … Continue reading

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I'm sure the anti-Semitic Left is going to LOVE this!

French President Sarkozy proposed allowing schoolchildren to “adopt” a victim of the Holocaust, so they could learn about the history. The reaction? Not what you’d expect… or sadly, precisely what you’d expect from the reactionary leftists in France. From Reuters: … Continue reading

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Hillary: I'M NOT DEAD YET!

Hillary Clinton has a 21-point lead in Ohio; a 16-point lead in Pennsylvania according to the NYPost and Quinnipac University polling numbers. RCP’s aggregate polling numbers say this outlook isn’t bull: Ohio and Pennsylvania both look to be comfortably within … Continue reading

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