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The Ghost of William F. Buckley Lives

Amazing how the writings of William F. Buckley almost speak from the grave?  This, from an article written for Cigar Aficianado in 2002: Look for the narcissist. The most obvious target in today’s lineup is, of course, Donald Trump. When he … Continue reading

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Ethika Politika: Materialism and Poverty

David Mills writes over at Ethika Politika: Those who refer so happily to creative destruction are never themselves among the creatively destroyed. It’s the ideological free-marketer’s version of “Let’s you and him fight.” It speaks of the end in a way … Continue reading

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Of Chaput, Lepanto, and The Call To Fidelity

The sons and daughters of the John Paul II Generation — who are about to brave a historic snowstorm to stand faithful for the sanctity of human life later this week — are not marching out of loyalty, or doctrine, or because they wish to stand contra mundum as Lepanto and CMTV are seen to do. Rather, the pro-life movement marches out of fidelity — to faith, to Church, to Christ. Continue reading

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