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Your Electrical Socket is Obsolete

Intel has just invented a way to transmit electricity wirelessly via magnetic fields. It doesn’t seem as if this innovation is going to be on the market anytime soon, but the technology certainly is cool.

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Time to Play "Which European Dictator Did This?"

Can you name the European dictator that invaded and absorbed territory in the name of allowing all its ethnic peoples to live under one unified state? You could… you might see parallels: “Tarzan Kokoity, the province’s Deputy Speaker of parliament, … Continue reading

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This Won't End Well

Hurricane Gustav looks to be tracking along a similar path to Hurricane Katrina .

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Chaput Slams Pelosi

Finally, the Catholic Bishops are starting to get a little tired being told by politicians what Catholics should believe about who is fit to receive the Eucharist. Devenr Archbishop Charles Chaput slams Nancy Pelosi’s henious remarks on Meet the Press … Continue reading

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DNC on Eric Cantor: "Both Abramoff and Cantor are Jewish"

DNC channelling Eric Cartman? That’s right: In the attack sheet on Rep. Eric Cantor, the DNC comments 5 times in a 660 word memo about Cantor’s faith, and not in flattering terms. This meme is getting old, and quick. Is … Continue reading


The Aftermath of an Immigration Raid

All speak of the same concerns, and the same confusion. They do not understand why some people disparage them as “illegals” or “criminals.” They do not understand why federal officials are pressing criminal identity theft charges against many of the … Continue reading

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Ray Guns. Today.

That’s right folks — the United States of America has accomplished awesomeness yet again. funny money divx movie online Yes folks, we have invented the ray gun : In tests earlier this month at Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, … Continue reading


Jody Wagner for Lt. Governor

I don’t care what you think of her politics: her staff nailed the website. Reminds me of former Governor Warner’s Senate announcement (and website)… the video is excellent. The kicker? No where is it self-evident that she is a Democrat.


I Desire One of These (Above All Things)


Rule .303: Attack, Attack, Attack

Good advice: I’ll tell you what I would do if I was the President of Georgia right now. I would make Russia pay as dearly as possible for this victory. Right away, this very minute while Georgia still has an … Continue reading

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