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Who Reads

31,000 visitors for the month of June. Frequent readers here know the war I wage against hits vs. visitors, and given the fact that I do not allow anonymous commentary here (which drives down hits thanks to fewer comments from … Continue reading


Deo Vindice

Fellow 1st District true believer and frequent contributor to such publications as Bacon’s Rebellion and GOP USA, James Bowden has a great blog up called Deo Vindice. Listed there is a great post in defense of raising the recruiting age … Continue reading

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Vatican vows to expel stem cell scientists from Church

… as well as abortionists, politicians, and others who condone and approve of destroying embryos and carry out stem cell research on embryos: Scientists who carry out embryonic stem cell research and politicians who pass laws permitting the practice will … Continue reading


China’s never-ending blog crackdown

The Chinese Communists are cracking down on blogs: (A)pparently Beijing thought it was time to remind its citizens once again that theirs is not an anything-goes Internet. In a stern and eerily vague pronouncement, the head of the country’s Information … Continue reading

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Allen 56%, Webb 37%

Read ’em and weep, Dems. A nineteen point spread deserves an “I PITY THE FOOL” from the A-Team!


QandO: The Patriotism Dodge

Jon Henke has everything I would want to say about Webb’s reading comprehension skills… Meanwhile, Dick Wadhams is driving the point home in a press release sent out by RPV today: I wanted to make sure you saw last night’s … Continue reading

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Storming the Gaza Strip

It’s on. If force doesn’t do the job…

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OpinionJournal: All the Nudes That’s Fit to Print

It doesn’t get any better than this. I’ll let James Taranto over at the OpinionJournal do the talking, with all apologies for copying and pasting. This is just too funny… On May 10, we noted that Brad Blanton, who was … Continue reading

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New Advent Has a Blog!

For those of you not familiar with New Advent, this is the website that has the entire Catholic Encyclopedia, Summa Theologicae, Catholic Catechism, and a healthy listing of the Early Church Fathers — all online and all done long before … Continue reading

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Your Newest Olympic Sport

Irish road bowling. This is just too damn cool. I’m waiting for the first casualty in Virginia (and yes, his last name will more than likely be Kenney).