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QandO: Generalizations vs. Stereotypes

Great read from Jon Henke: A little background: a generalization is “a statement about a class based on an examination of some of its members”. So far, so good. Greenwald has certainly noted enough partisanship among bloggers on the right. … Continue reading

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FLS: Route 3 bypass re-emerges

The prospects of a Rt. 3 Bypass have re-emerged: A suggested route for the bypass has it starting at the I-95 exit for the welcome center, running parallel to Route 3 and ending near Riverbend High School. Hagan supports the … Continue reading

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Virginia Held Hostage – Day 10

Virginia Virtucon offers what may be a breakthrough in the budget stalemate. What a great idea Blogline is… heh! Go check it out.

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Virginia Centrist: GNOSIS DAMMIT!

Virginia Centrist has some thoughts about Jason’s and my comments on why Miller is objectively a stronger candidate than Webb. He lists five of our collective arguments, but in the end he cites the trump card: What throws Kenney brothers … Continue reading


George Bush Speechwriter

Aww come on… you know this is cool!

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OMT: Shameless Self-Promotion

Norman is going to be on-the-air on AM 810 in Blacksburg, 8:30am tomorrow. I don’t know if the AM radio dial goes that far… but heck, I’ll give it a shot!

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Kaine Denies Clemency for Vinson

Governor Kaine has denied clemency for Dexter Lee Vinson: ‘Having carefully reviewed the Petition for Clemency and judicial opinions regarding this case, I find no compelling reasons to doubt Mr. Vinson’s guilt or to invalidate the sentence recommended by the … Continue reading


What Happens if Miller Beats Webb?

It’s beyond obvious at this point that most of the Virginia blogosphere (lefties) are supporting former Republican-turned-Democrat James Webb. Even Not Larry Sabato — once renown for objective political analysis — is getting into the feeding frenzy. The problem? Polls … Continue reading


Walk Through

Heading out to Fluvanna to do the walk through this morning. Yippie-kai-aye…

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Can you be fired for Web surfing?

No. But… (B)efore you rush off to eBay or, consider this: The judge ruled that surfing can be allowed only “as long as those activities do not interfere with a worker’s overall performance,” as reported. As we read … Continue reading

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