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Wisdom of Matthew Kenney (Vol. 1)

“Temperature change is how many minutes until your ice cream melts!” — Matthew Kenney, 31 January 2008On the Scientific Measurements of Temperature Change

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The 5 Whys

Want to get to the bottom of a problem quickly? The 5 Whys is a method developed within Toyota Motor Company, emphasizing that it takes five iterations of “whys” to get to the meat of any problem. Of course, the … Continue reading

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First Things: St. Thomas Aquinas, Priest, Doctor of the Church

Today is the Feast Day of St. Thomas Aquinas, theologian and philosopher. Why did the Son of God have to suffer for us? There was a great need, and it can be considered in a twofold way: in the first … Continue reading

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CatHouse Chat: Richmond Bloggers’ Day cancelled for the Kat

And so it begins, as the SWAC bloggers edit and purge the ODBA.


Democrats: The Party of the Klan?

Erick Erickson over at RedState seems to have hit a nerve: Democrats always accuse evangelicals of projection. If a Republican is upset over gay rights, it is probably because that Republican is a closet homosexual. Maybe we need to start … Continue reading

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NRO: On Kennedy, Obama

Here’s what NRO’s Ramesh Ponnuru had to say about Kennedy’s comparison of Barack Obama to her father: I assume that means that he’ll be overrated, not that he’ll bring us to the brink of nuclear war. Zing!

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Kennedy: A President Like My Father

NYTimes runs the op-ed, but I can’t help but wonder what qualifications Caroline Kennedy mentions. Just emotion? Is that really all it takes to be the Democratic nominee?


Obama Destroys Hillary in S.C.

Politico has the results.

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WaPo: The Case For Cowher

download running scared free Finally, a candidate we can all rally around (and no apologies for the terrible PS job). Read on, as the WaPo’s Redskins Insider speculated two weeks ago: So, from what I can gather so far, and … Continue reading

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Gregg Williams FIRED?!

You’ve got to be absolutely kidding me: Williams met four times with Snyder to discuss the head coaching job, but it quickly became clear that the owner was more focused on other candidates, including former New York Giants head coach … Continue reading