Gregg Williams FIRED?!

You’ve got to be absolutely kidding me:

Williams met four times with Snyder to discuss the head coaching job, but it quickly became clear that the owner was more focused on other candidates, including former New York Giants head coach Jim Fassel, current Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and New England Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels.

Jim Fassel wouldn’t be a bad pick… nor would Bill Cowher (long rumored to be in the hunt).

If there was a current Redskins coach I would have promoted, it would have been Gregg Williams. What he did with our defense was nothing short of incredible.

In true Redskins fashion, this coach — like many fired Redskins players and coaches — will more than likely go on to do incredible things. Norv Turner? Took his team to the AFC Championship this year. Marvin Lewis? Bengals head coach. I still remember both Rich Gannon and Stan Humphries being the backups to Mark Rypien in ’91 — both went to Super Bowls. Trent Green, anyone?

I’m sure just about every Redskins fan can name great players and coaches ripped away from the fans, only do to better things elsewhere.


Steinbrennerism is a disease deserved only by the New York Yankees.

UPDATE: Sorry, I’ve got to continue ranting about this terrible decision by Dan Snyder:

“Coach Williams is a great coach,” fullback Mike Sellers said. “The players love him. It would be sad to see him not get it.”

“Coach (Gibbs) has that granddaddy effect on you,” cornerback Fred Smoot said. “And Gregg, he gives off a mad scientist-type vibe. You’ve got to love that if you’re a football player.”

Of course, perhaps given this article we should have all seen this coming:

Owner Dan Snyder wouldn’t comment on Williams in particular, but did say the following:

“I think we know how the players feel about all the coaches, the organization, the community, the fans. We’re a close-knit group of people at this point.”

Yeah… so close knit Snyder couldn’t wait to gut the mastermind of the only thing working in Washington.

UPDATE x2: Sic Semper Tyrannis piles on… I’m sure we’ll see cries of lament from Vivian Paige soon enough.

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