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The World Map of Happiness

Finally completed moving most of my earthly belongings into a two very large storage containers in Fluvanna County today. So how to celebrate this milestone? By seeing how happy my fellow Earthlings are… and they are happier in Denmark. Neat … Continue reading

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This has gotta hurt. Allen by 16 puts him in great shape, and once again we are led back to the idea that Miller – a candidate with the $$$ to run a challenger campaign – would have been a … Continue reading


Tide of Arab Opinion Turns to Support for Hezbollah

Anyone surprised? Now, with hundreds of Lebanese dead and Hezbollah holding out against the vaunted Israeli military for more than two weeks, the tide of public opinion across the Arab world is surging behind the organization, transforming the Shiite group’s … Continue reading


Why Israel hit a UN post

Duh. My question is why the Hezbollah flag is flying from the UN facility in the first place… though I doubt there is a good reason.


New UV gun takes aim at meth users

Now this is beyond cool. Police are being armed with UV guns that use spectroscopy to detect trace amounts of methamphetamine and other illicit drugs: CDEX recently filed a patent application to prepare the device for use in the “Homeland … Continue reading

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Fight Bureaucracy With Bureaucracy

CATO Institute has this interestng article advocating for an Office of Taxpayer Advocacy. I have my thoughts (as the title suggests).

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"We’ll keep fighting until you agree we’ve defeated Hezbollah"

Jon Henke at QandO with an excellent response to proportionality and Israel’s efforts to destroy Hezbollah.

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Public Service Announcement: Fun With MSRA

Right around mid-June, I got this bump on my knee. No big deal, probably just a bug-bite… The next day it got worse. Infected, I thought. So I got some hydrogen peroxide, cleaned the wound, and let it be. Two … Continue reading


Button Maker

In my benevolence, I give you yet another gift: a Button Maker!!! … you know, like the buttons you see on the side that have valid RSS feeds and such?

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Crossing the Meditation Divide

This is an excellent article regarding meditation, or more accurately when prayer and meditation doesn’t seem to work: That so many who are experienced in prayer go through this difficulty with meditation is a sign of the truth of John’s … Continue reading

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